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Revolutionizing Music Creation with NFTs | Arpeggi Labs Interview

May 5, 2022

Arpeggi Labs is the first on-chain music creation studio that has the potential to revolutionize the way music is made and empower creators. Their digital audio workstation (DAW) allows anyone to create and mint music NFTs using CC0 samples and stems from artists around the world — all on the Ethereum blockchain.

We sat down with Arpeggi Labs' co-founders James Pastan and Evan Dhillon to talk about creating a music NFT platform, the upcoming V2 of Arpeggi Studios (their DAW), and how blockchain can change the way music is sampled forever. 

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~~~ On this episode ~~~

0:00 - Intro to NFTs and how Arpeggi Labs began

6:30 - What makes Arpeggi Labs unique? What is a DAW?

9:00 - Improving music collaboration with Arpeggi Labs

13:20 - The model for monetizing Music NFTs

17:00 - Improving music sampling with blockchain

21:30 - The Arpeggi Studios Genesis Pass

25:15 - The future with Arpeggi Labs V2

31:20 - Creating a Web3 company vs Web2


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Edited by Christian Hardy: @ByHardy

Music by Soulker

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