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Swish Dreams NFT: Behind the Scenes with Taylor Stein and Greg Murray

December 9, 2021

Taylor Stein and Greg Murray join the MomentRanks podcast to discuss the creation of their new NFT project, Swish Dreams,

Swish Dreams is an NFT collectible project made up of basketball performance artwork. Each NFT tells the story of a player’s scoring night through the use of custom stylized shot charts. Swish Dreams will open for public mint on December 10.

More about Swish Dreams:

Swish Dreams website:

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Timestamps for this podcast:

1:50 - What is Swish Dreams? NBA Shot Chart NFTs

4:00 - How was Swish Dreams created?

9:00 - Creating Shot Charts for NBA games that haven’t been played

13:00 - What was the process for launching Swish Dreams?

19:00 - Advice for launching an NFT project

21:30 - The future of Swish Dreams


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Edited by Christian Hardy: @ByHardy

Music by Soulker.

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