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Q&A with MomentRanks CEO Danny Adkins: $1.7 million seed round, NBA Top Shot and NFTs

July 27, 2021

MomentRanks CEO Danny Adkins visits the show following the news of MomentRanks $1.7 million seed round from incredible investors like Dapper Labs, Boston Seed, and any others.

Danny joins the show to talk about how MomentRanks was created, what's coming to our platform, Top Shot's growth, and his favorite NFTs he's collected. 

Here's everything in this episode:

0:00 - Intro to MomentRanks CEO Danny Adkins

1:25 - How MomentRanks was started

04:50 - The quick growth of MomentRanks

05:50 - The Top Shot Economy in 2021 and beyond

10:20 - How MomentRanks raised its $1.7 million seed round

12:30 - Where is MomentRanks heading now?

16:49 - Creating MomentRanks Play

21:24 - The future of MomentRanks Play

24:00 - Danny’s NFT Collection

28:44 - Working with the Dapper Labs team

31:25 - Advice for starting in the NFT community


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Edited by Christian Hardy: @ByHardy

Music by Soulker.

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