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Lending NBA Top Shot Moments & Flow NFTs: Q&A with Michael Levy, co-founder at Flowty

April 4, 2022

Flowty co-founder Michael Levy (@mbl267_NFT) joins the podcast to explain lending Top Shot Moments and other Flow NFTs for loans on his new peer-to-peer platform,

Levy and host Max Minsker discuss how the platform works for borrowers and lenders, borrowing Top Shot Moments, how the NFTs are protected, and where the platform could be headed in the future.

Flowty official website:

Follow Flowty on Twitter to learn more: @flowty_io

Follow Michael Levy on Twitter: @mbl267_NFT

~~~ On the podcast ~~~

0:00 - Intro to Michael Levy, Flowty co-founder

4:00 - Experience in Crypto and NBA Top Shot

7:30 - Building in the NFT space with Flowty

10:30 - How does Flowty work?

21:40 - How to lenders protect themselves on Flowty?

27:00 - How are the Asset and Loan protected?

31:00 - Peer-to-peer NFT Lending on Flowty

42:00 - Community Feedback to Flowty

46:00 - Borrowing/Lending Ratio

53:00 - RJ Barrett … or?


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Edited by Christian Hardy: @ByHardy

Music by Soulker

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