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Interview with Carlini8: Building Purrnelope’s Country Club and NFTs as a Business

April 11, 2022

Carlini8, founder of Purrnelope's Country Club and an OG CryptoKitties user, joins the podcast to discuss how he got started in NFTs, his work in NFTs, and the roadmap for Purrnelope's Country Club.

We also dive into his early work in NFTs on Pranksy's Loot Boxes, how the NFT space has changed, and where NFT projects are going — including the future for Purrnelope's.

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On this episode:

0:00 - Intro to Eric Carlini

1:45 - Getting Started in NFTs with CryptoKitties

7:25 -  The CryptoKitties Community

8:40 - How Top Shot and CryptoKitties are similar

13:20 - Carlini’s work on Pranksy Loot Boxes

18:30 - Creating Purrnelope’s Country Club NFT

22:00 - NFT Roadmaps and PCC’s Roadmap

31:00 - Replacing Discord/OpenSea with a Project Website

34:00 - PCC World Building, Games, and Storyline

39:00 - PCC Token and Utility

44:00 - The PCC Team & Organization

48:45 - Following Purrnelope’s Country Club


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Edited by Christian Hardy: @ByHardy

Music by Soulker

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