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Dapper Labs, the NBA Top Shot creators, now valued at $7.5 billion? & More on Topps MLB NFTs — The Drop with Max Minsker

April 17, 2021

Dapper Labs, the company that built NBA Top Shot and Flow blockchain, have announced they are raising another round of funding at a $7.5 billion valuation. This is nearly triple what Dapper’s recent valuation was — $2.6 billion — on its latest round of funding (a total of $305 million), announced on March 30, 2021.

On the new episode of The Drop, Max Minsker (@MaxMinsker) discusses what the new round of funding could mean for Dapper, and speculates what could be coming for the company following this huge news.


On this episode of The Drop:

💵 Why Dapper raising another round right now?

🤯 Could Dapper have secured new, unannounced intellectual property rights? Is something big coming soon?

🗣 Darren Rovell and Roham get in a Twitter tiff about the ZED Run bug found by @economist

⚾️ An update on the Topps x MLB project — or the lack of any update at all


Read the full article about Dapper's latest round of funding here:

Find the "landing page" that Max discusses here:

Find the tweets between Roham and Darren Rovell here:

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