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Chris Ebeling Interview: Creating ZED RUN and what’s coming for the NFT game

June 1, 2021

Chris Ebeling, the Creative Director and co-founder of ZED RUN, joins the MomentRanks Podcast to discuss how the digital horse racing game got to where it is today and what's coming on the ZED roadmap.

Ebeling chats with host Max Minsker (@MaxMinsker) on what's coming to ZED RUN, including additional track attributes, horse attributes (such as fatigue), metaverse utility, and more AR/VR features in-game.

Here's a full list of topics discussed with timestamps:

2:00 — How the ZED RUN team came together

8:10 — The start of ZED RUN

11:00 — The visuals and aesthetics of ZED RUN

19:00 — ZED RUN music and connecting ZED to real life

23:30 — Where is ZED RUN in their life-cycle and what’s coming?

28:30 — Upcoming ZED RUN Vision paper 

31:30 — The Preakness partnership

34:15 — The lore of ZED RUN and Novus

39:00 — ZED as a play-to-earn model

48:00 — More VR/AR in ZED RUN’s future

56:20 — What’s coming to ZED RUN in the next 6 months?

1:00:00 — When will breeding open on ZED RUN?



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Edited by Christian Hardy: @ByHardy

Music by Soulker.

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